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ENFEEHaiyang City Enfee Packing Co., Ltd., founded in 2007, specializes in development, design and production of high-quality protective films, with advanced production technology and equipment introduced from South Korea. It is located at the heartland of Yantai, Weihai and Qingdao in the south wing of Jiaodong Peninsula, Haiyang, Shandong, close to the Yellow Sea, only 2km away from Qingdao-Weihai Expressway.
Our company covers an area of 78mu and plant buildings of more than 20,000m2, has more than 100 employees including over 10 senior management talents, and a R&D team consisting of many senior engineers with decades of experience in domestic protective film industry. We take the lead in establishing a 100,000 dust-free clean workshop, carry out all-around clean control of product quality, and maturate protective film. The clean protective film designed and produced by our company are sold well at home and abroad, and widely applied to the industries including building and ornament materials, stone, stainless steel, electronics, household appliances, automotive upholstery, carpet, IT, optics, etc.
In the business philosophy of “Sincerity, Trueness, Precision”, our company strengthens the improvement and development in the aspects of design, production, technology, quality and the sales service system, and provides customers with all-around value-added service.